Who We Are

Good for Girls is a not-for-profit organization that supports girls in countries around the world to gain the education, skills and self-esteem they need to become independent, empowered adults able to realize their full potential and be forces for change in their communities.

Our Mission:

  • To support girls’ education and vocational skills building at primary, secondary and tertiary levels within both formal and informal school systems.
  • To help develop girls’ self-esteem so that they learn resilience and self-sufficiency, and are empowered to claim their rights and help others claim theirs.
  • To strengthen girls’ access to healthcare, particularly health-related information and knowledge to allow them to make conscious, informed decisions about their wellbeing and that of their families.
  • To challenge customary social norms and attitudes that perpetuate harmful gender stereotyping that casts girls as inferior to boys, and that condones systemic discrimination against women and girls.

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