March 2019 – The Mother’s Shop opens!
Remember the Savings Group moms of the athletic scholars in Bekoji, who hoped to set up a market shop so they could sell their goods together and earn a steadier income? Well they did it!

October 2018 – “Motivation” Scholarships for Teens Headed to College – Leela’s story
Earlier in 2018, we were honoured to award small, but meaningful scholarships to three young women, through the LA County Department for Children and Family Services. All three teenagers, who have grown up in the foster care system, are going to college. Their stories are both moving and inspiring.

May 2018 – Moms Making Money and a Better Life
This Mother’s Day, we’re thinking especially about the moms who belong to the two Savings and Entrepreneurship Groups in Bekoji, Ethiopia, set up by our partner, the Girls Gotta Run Foundation. These women are the mothers of the girls in the GGRF Athletic Scholars programme (proudly supported by us since 2013!)

January 2018 – Meet Merawit
This is the story of Merawit Metekia, a slip of a girl with an infectious smile and a whole lot of heart. Merawit has become an inspiration to her family, and living proof that when you educate a girl, the ripple benefits to families and communities can be invaluable.

August 2017 – Our New Partner – Daughters of Tomorrow
Good for Girls is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Daughters of Tomorrow in Singapore. DOT is a non-profit organization that helps underprivileged women seek out livelihood opportunities and build financially independent and resilient families. [Read more]

April 2016 – Involving the Mums of the GGRF Scholars
The Girls Gotta Run Foundation has set up a Savings and Entrepreneurship Group for the mothers of the GGRF athletic scholars in Bekoji, Ethiopia. And Good for Girls is so proud to have a hand in supporting this awesome initiative! [Read more]

October 2015 – This Girl’s Gotta Run – Meet Meron Tamen
Meron Tamen is a bright-eyed 12 year-old in the 7th grade at the Abba Pascal School for Girls in Sodo, Ethiopia. Earlier this year, she was selected to be in a new school athletics team with 14 other girls, as part of a pilot project run by the Girls Gotta Run Foundation. [Read more]