557258_10151048638546651_1936374043_nStarting bid: $450 (market value: $700)

45 min in-person crash course in web development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Have you always wanted to learn to code? Does the Dummies guide you bought have a layer of dust on it? Do you wish that someone could just help you get started, so you can finally get off your butt and just do it already?

Tobi to the rescue. Let him start you off with the basic secrets all coders know, and help you plan your education ahead towards becoming that tech geek you always knew you were.

Tobias Boonstoppel is the co-founder of Curiator, a platform for art enthusiasts to collect and discover fine art online. Before Curiator, Tobi worked as a Software Engineer for Google where he was part of the Google Maps and later Research team. He has filed several patents on client data-rendering and was the original architect of jsLayout, the template engine used by Google to render Gmail, Maps, Chrome, Search and more. Yes, you read that right. Google Maps and Gmail. Uh-huh.

Details and rules:

  • Client must provide own computer to learn on.
  • The course will be in the form of an in-person meeting at a suitable time and location to be decided on by the client and Tobias.
  • This service must be claimed by 31 March 2016.
  • Successful bidder will be connected directly with Tobias after payment.
  • All successful bid payments are considered donations to Good for Girls and tax-exempt to the full extent of the law.