1936419_122340101650_1663348_nStarting bid: $400 (market value: $600)

Help to set up a website with basic functionality, including domain registration, DNS configuration, and tips on managing the site yourself.

Do you have a business, product or brand that is desperately crying out for a website? Have you looked at WordPress and felt your brain explode?

Let Sha-Mayn help you set up a simple, user-friendly and awesome site you can call your own, using a website builder like SquareSpace or WordPress. And she’ll also leave you with some basic tips on how to manage and maintain the site once it’s up and running.

Sha-Mayn Teh is an Engineering Director at Teachers Pay Teachers, an open marketplace for teacher-created materials. Previously, she worked as a software engineer and manager at Google for 12 years. She launched Google Translate, was part of the initial set up team of the Google Beijing office, and built a data analytics platform for Google AdWords. Sha-Mayn is passionate about getting kids to code and has taught over a 100 high school students through volunteer programs. If they can do it, you can too!

Details and rules:

  • Client must provide clear instructions on the purpose, look, feel of the desired website, including all pages, fonts, colors, headings, and content sections and sidebars if any.
  • Client must provide all necessary text, graphics and pictures for upload.
  • Set up of the site will be conducted over email and/or Google Hangout, after an initial introductory conversation.
  • Timeframe for set up will be determined by both the client and Sha-Mayn, according to their personal scheduling, and will not extend beyond a maximum of 8 weeks from the start date. This service must be claimed by 28 Feb 2016.
  • Neither Good for Girls nor Sha-Mayn will be responsible for the maintenance of the site after it has been considered completed and handed over to the client.
  • Successful bidder will be connected directly with Sha-Mayn after payment.
  • All successful bid payments are considered donations to Good for Girls and tax-exempt to the full extent of the law.